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Should the water cooling system use the softened water?

Release time:2016/10/24
While using the closed cooling tower,no scale and low water consumption are very prominent
product features of circulating water cooling system.The cooling system is used in pure water,
will not form scale.Thanks for the design of closed pipe and water collector,the water consumption
is very low,and the design can maximize the reduction of water loss, and control the water loss in
less than 1%.

Water circulation system of closed cooling tower:
Firstly,the closed cooling tower has two circulating systems, one is the cooling water circulation
system, the other is a spray water circulation system

The cooling water system use softened water in the cooling water system of closed cooling tower,
must use pure softened water, while the spray system and cooling water system of the open type
cooling tower, either the softened water or tap water can be used, but the problem of scale cleaning
is unavoidable.