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Working principle of mixed flow type closed cooling tower

Release time:2016/10/25
Working principle of mixed flow type closed cooling tower
1.The working fluid (water, oil or other liquid) flows in the coil, the outer wall of the coil pipe is sprayed with water, and the heat of the fluid is passed through the tube wall, and the water and the air form a saturated wet and hot steam.Heat is discharged into the atmosphere by the fan, and the spray water is reduced by the PVC heat sink during the cycle.The formation of wind and water flow in the same direction with fresh air, heat coil mainly depends on heat conduction mode, the scale generation operation principle of this important feature is the maximum possible suppression coil wall.

2.Excellent heat exchange performance

The high efficiency heat transfer is realized by using the combination of the two heat exchange coils and PVC filler in the same direction.As the air and spray water flows through the coil pipe, spray water to the maximum extent covered in the coil surface, to ensure that the coil surface completely moist.

3.Convenient transportation and installation
The use of upper and lower case standard components transport, on-site installation of the way, greatly facilitate the transportation and installation of products.

4.Low failure rate
Fans and pumps are equipped with high quality bearings, in addition to no other running wear parts. The fan adopts the direct connection structure, without the belt wheel structure brings the transmission loss. Low noise, low failure rate.


5.Convenient maintenance

The use of human structure design, super large access door, spacious interior space, maintenance personnel in the product can be easily carried out a variety of maintenance work.

6.Low operating cost, energy saving and environmental protection

Due to the unique structure of the product, and its unique high thermal performance, so the cooling effect is good, the operation of power saving, water saving, low noise pollution, is the real energy saving and environmental protection products.

7.achieve non-stop maintenance

There is no need to stop the equipment in the case of equipment parts for maintenance.

8. covers less area, low comprehensive investment.