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Some advantages of evaporator condenser

Release time:2016/10/25

evaporator condenser consumes less water.
Evaporator condenser is basically use water vaporizator to take off the condensation latent
heat released by the condensation process of gaseous refrigerant,therefore, the consumption
of cooling water supply the loss, and this is much less than the cooling water volume of water
cooling condenser.

For example, the latent heat of water vaporization is about 2450kJ. KHG .And the temperature
of the cooling water in the water cooled condenser can rise only 6 ~ 8 degrees, that is, each
kilogram of cold water only take off heat of 25-35kJ.Therefore,theoretically the water consumption
of the evaporator condenser is 1/70 ~ 1/100 of the water cooled type condenser.In view of the
baffle plate efficiency can not reach 100%, and the dust in the air lead to water pollution, so we
need to change the water in the tank, therefore,in fact, the supply-water volume is 1/30 ~ 1/50 of
the water cooled type condenser.

Some advantages of evaporation condenser

With the continuous development of science and technology, closed type cooling tower is bound
to usher in a greater development and application of space.