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Special words for cooling industry

Release time:2016/10/25
Special words for cooling industry

Special words for cooling industry
1.cooling tower:
Use of water evaporation and heat transfer principle of air and water to take away heat in the water equipment or structures.It can be divided into open type cooling tower and closed type cooling tower (evaporator condenser).

2.circulating cooling water:
With water as the cooling medium, and recycling.

3.meteorological parameter:
Atmospheric pressure, dry bulb temperature, wet bulb temperature (or relative humidity), wind speed, wind direction.

Outlet temperature of the cooling tower and the difference between the wet bulb temperature of the air inlet and the air.

5.cooling range:
The difference between inlet temperature and outlet temperature of cooling tower.

6.resistance characteristic:
When the air flows through the cooling tower and the water filling material, it will produce a certain air resistance. The resistance value is a function of wind speed and water spray density.

 7.entrance pressure of water into cooling tower:
The water pressure (total pressure) supplied by the water supply system, which is needed for the normal operation of the cooling tower.