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FBH-60T Cross Flow Cooling Tower A

Release time:2016/10/18
FBH-60T Cross Flow Cooling Tower A

Basic parameters of FBH-60T cross flow cooling tower:
Cooling capacity: 331925kcal/h;
Design dimension: 3300*1950*2800mm;
Circulating water: maximum water circulation 60m³/h,minimum water circulation 27m³/h;
Fan configuration: power 4kw/h,air volume 16m³/s,air fan :forward type, the Saturday fan, air duct with streamlined design , rely on the principle of dynamics, with low noise control;
Cooling tower heat sink: the heat sink is used as a heat exchange layer PVC filler, honeycomb type design, good hydrophilicity, large covering area;
Spray water distribution system: spray water distribution system is the design of PVC pipe, using a large angle atomization anti clogging spray head, uniform water distribution, can fully cover the surface of the condenser;
Shell: the shell is made of aluminum and zinc, steel base, square design, the life of aluminium zinc plate is 4-5 times higher than ordinary galvanized plate ,and can be used in various pH environment, with good corrosion resistance.

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